Measured Time: Why Not Drink?

Measured Time: Why Not Drink?

Now we are in our sixth or seventh or eighth decade, we have measured time left.

Measured Time:  Why Not Drink?


32" x 20"


Mixed media on canvas, diptych


As you know, we females always tried to obey our parents as children, as good students in grade school, high school and college, as caring daughters. We continued to take care of husbands and children during the following decades. And now as grandmothers, we extend our time to help with grandchildren and their families. There was much joy and disappointments in these decades of our lives.

Now we are in our sixth decade, we have measured time left. We are free to do what we want, so why not drink wine every night if we want to? 37% of women over 60 are either binge drinkers or drink multiple glasses of wine each night.

And I say “ Why Not?”

My painting is the measured time of a mature woman who is now free to enjoy wine every night, if she wants, without the responsibilities for others.

Information About Purchasing This Assemblage

This assemblage is currently in my retrospective exhibition "Observation Stories: The Wild Years" at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, Florida until October 15, 2023.

During the retrospective, the price of this 32" x 20" assemblage is $ 950.00

After the end of the retrospective, it will return to the retail price of $1200.00

This mixed media piece has been sold

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