This Could Be My Family

This Could Be My Family

What if this happened to you?

This Could Be My Family


60 x 42


acrylic on canvas


War. Why does this have to happen? A person, a country wants more! More land, more money, more resources. So they steal it.

This last invasion of Russia into Ukraine on February 24, 2022 is just the last time the Russians have taken lands which do not belong to them. Even though we in the Americas live so far away, what if this happened to us. What if someone wanted more and came here to take it from us? What would we do?

This painting pictures the early days of the Russian invasion where the families escaped to the train stations and said their goodbyes. The mothers and children travelled to Poland and elsewhere, while the fathers stayed back to fight. This most likely would be the last time the family would be together. The father went back to fight the invading Russian soldiers and would died.

This Could Be My Family. What would we do?

Information About Purchasing This Painting

This  mixed media painting is currently in my retrospective exhibition "Observation Stories: The Wild Years" at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, Florida until October 15, 2023.

During the retrospective, the price of this 60" x 42" painting is $ 2000.00

After the end of the retrospective, it will return to the retail price of $5000.00

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