Roller Coaster Life: An Artist's Journey

Roller Coaster Life: An Artist's Journey

What a life it has been!

Roller Coaster Life: An Artist's Journey


60" x 48"


Acrylic on canvas


And what a life it has been! Over 7 decades of empowerment, support, challengers and growth. First as an occupational therapist, I created the first private practice in the US, developed national standards of practice and shared my knowledge to many through workshops. And late at night, from midnight to two in the morning, I would paint. And for 7 decades, I have created artistic works which speak to the beauty of life and to its challenges. Through these decades, I have experienced the great joys and deep depressions. I have been grown through my empowerment despite the restrictions. For thirty years, I am the bird who can fly wherever and whenever I desire but only within the prison of the bird cage. I always retain the bright reality along the horizon. It has indeed been a roller coaster life. My painting expresses these joys and disappointments of my life over these 77 years.

Information About Purchasing This Painting

This 60" x 48" acrylic painting is part of the current retrospective "Observation Stories: The Wild Years" at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Ormond Beach, Fl through October 15, 2023.

The retail price: $4800.

This painting is now part of the OMAM permanent collection.

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