Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Her voice is loud and clear.

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear


32" x 20"


Mixed media


Yes, objects ARE closer than they appear. Her voice is loud and clear. She knows what she thinks and she can express her own voice. She is empowered. She is electric. No amount of electrical end caps will control her electricity, her voltage, her power. There are no caps which will silence her voice. You will not be protected from her independent thoughts and actions. She is woman. Her Words are closer than they appear. My mixed media piece represents a strong and independent woman who is sure of herself and can have positive dominance at a moment's notice.

Information About Purchasing This Assemblage

This assemblage is currently in my retrospective exhibition "Observation Stories: The Wild Years" at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, Florida until October 15, 2023.

During the retrospective, the price of this 32" x 20" assemblage is $ 950.00

After the end of the retrospective, it will return to the retail price of $1280.00

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