What if your child was taken from you in a foreign country, where you understand little of their language?



50 x 24 x 4


Mixed Media: paper, charcoal


More than a year after the Trump administration ended a controversial Zero Tolerance policy that led to thousands of family separations, as many as five migrant children per day continue to be separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

By the end of 2018, over 2300 children were taken with more than 200 younger than 5 years. Separating children, even small babies from their mamas and papas continue to shock all thinking, caring people. Border guards to tell these parents “You will never see your children again”. These young children were shipped to over 100 tent cities, makeshift shelters and foster care centers in every state. Siblings and shelter workers were told “Do Not Touch or Comfort” separated children. Family separation continues today for reasons that are increasingly vague and difficult to corroborate. Such psychological destruction is still occurring. Where has our humanity and morality gone in the USA?

This piece lists the cities and shelters still holding separated children. The heart shapes contain names of many of the 200 children, some only weeks or months old. My heart, like millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of the world, is heartsore.

This mixed media piece has been sold.

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