Comfortable in My Body

Comfortable in My Body

My journey towards self love.

Comfortable in My Body


30 x 24


mixed media: paper, found objects on paper, mounted to board and boxed


Not too long ago, it was common practice for us to watch TV or hop onto social media and see nothing but “Slim, Socially accepted Bodies” staring up at us. Advertising outfits and makeup products targeted the thin, who are cast as romantic leads alongside other impossibly slim co-stars, and all having successful jobs and relationships with all the privileges that being slim can afford.

Now, started in 2012, there is a huge shift in how bodies are being represented in the media and in society. The body positivity movement, a movement spearheaded by larger fat women who primarily focused on the self love and the celebration of the visibly fat bodies. The unwavering confidence and body positivity of many famous women of size became an inspiration to others. We are starting to see bigger people represented in a positive light on screen and with that, seeing more opportunities for people who exist in bigger bodies to thrive.

My mixed media piece represents the journey towards self-love and body acceptance after years of fad diets, self-harm and self-hate. It is the self love and comfort of being in a body that feels right to me....even with additional inches around the waist.

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